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Nose Job Rhinoplasty

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Nose Job Rhinoplasty


Surgery for the Nose

Rhinoplasty is one of the most technically challenging procedures in cosmetic surgery practice and is also the the most popular. The first mention of rhinoplasty is as early as 600 B.C., when an Indian surgeon, Sushata Samhita operated on noses that had been cut as a punishment for stealing or injured. Nose is the central feature of our face and defines our appearance. We are born with noses of different shapes and sizes and at times the shape may have been changed by traumatic injuries. Surgery can be done to improve the shape of the nose (straighten the hump , make the bridge narrower, make the tip sharper, raise a depressed bridge etc,) and/or to improve the function of breathing (eg. in case of deviated nasal septum). The benefits of having a nose job done is personal satisfaction and happiness with improved self-esteem and confidence with the enhanced body image. A good result with rhinoplasty can be a life changing positive experience. It can enhance your career and personal relationships. Every surgery has its limitations and your expectations should be realistic to avoid disappointment. At the consultation, I will find our why and what you desire from the procedure. After detailed examination, I will explain and guide you on the best way forward and whether I believe your aesthetic goals can be achieved. If I feel that you will not benefit from having surgery to you nose (that the shape cannot be improved upon enough to enhance your features), I will honestly tell you that. In some cases it may not be safe to go ahead with surgery. Rhinoplasty should usually not be done before 16 years of age, as the bones of the face are still growing. Great results can be obtained if decisions are taken in partnership between the patient and surgeon,with the patients best interest in mind.

Preparing for surgery
Be sure that you are mentally prepared and desire the procedure. Take time off work so that you are not stressed or distracted. If you are taking aspirin or other medications to thin the blood, let me know and I will advice you accordingly.

When you arrive in hospital, you will have some observations like blood pressure measurement and then taken to theatre once ready. Rhinoplasty is done under a general anaesthetic. It can be done via an open or closed procedure, which only differs in where the incisions are made. The skin of the nose is incised and separated from the bones and cartilage. The bone and cartilage are then reshaped to give the desired effect and the skin then sutured back over it. In some cases a small graft may need to be taken from the back of your ear to provide cartilage to support the nose. I will explain this if it is required.

Once the surgery is done a splint is placed on the nose for support and the nose may be packed with gauze to prevent bleeding. You may be sent home the same day or at times may need to stay in hospital for one night.

Post Surgery
There will be swelling and bruising around the eyes and nose. If there is packing inside the nose, this is taken out in 48 hours. Do not worry, you can breathe comfortably through your mouth. The splint on the nose it taken off after 10 to 14 days. I will prescribe pain killers, though usually there is not much pain. Avoid blowing your nose for about 2 weeks.There may be some bruising and swelling around the eyes, most of this will settle within 48 hours. Drinking pineapple juice may help settle this down faster. The swelling of the nose may take weeks or months to settle and the actual result of the surgery may be visible only after six months to one year. The main risks of surgery are bleeding and infection but these are rare. I usually take care to clean the nose well and administer good intravenous antibiotics before and after surgery to minimise the risks.

Going back to work / exercise
This will depend on the work you do, but taking it easy for about two weeks would be beneficial. Avoid going to the gym or strenuous activity during this time. I your work if mainly desk based you could consider going back in 4-5 days. See how you feel and if any doubts you can call me for advice.

Revision Rhinoplasty
Also known as secondary or tertiary rhinoplasty, this is done to correct or improve upon a previously done rhinoplasty, where the desired result has not been achieved. This usually happens if the procedure has been done by an untrained surgeon or when surgery is done to try and achieve unrealistic goals. Revision nose job, is difficult surgery to do. Dr Anup Dhir has several years of experience and training in doing this complex surgery and offer excellent results.

Dr. Anup Dhir
Cosmetic Surgeon
New Delhi, India 
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