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Will it Hurt?
During the procedure, anesthesia ensures that you're comfortable and feel no pain. If general anesthesia is used, you'll even sleep through the entire operation. After surgery, any pain or discomfort you may experience can usually be controlled through medication and will usually subside within a matter of days.
How soon can I get back to work?
It depends greatly on the procedure, but on average, most plastic surgery patients are back to work within 7-10 days.
Will everyone know?
Usually not. Good plastic surgery enhances your looks naturally and often goes unnoticed. Friends may ask if you've been on a vacation, a new diet or exercise regime but typically, they won't know unless you tell them.
Will there be scars?
Yes. Will they be noticeable? Probably not. Your surgeon will make every effort to keep scars as minimal as possible and try to hide them in the natural lines and creases of your skin. For majority of procedures your scars will fade over time and become barely noticeable. However ultimate quality of scars would depend upon healing quality of your skin.
How long does it take?
Not as long as you would think. Some procedures can be performed on an outpatient basis, require no overnight stay and usually take only a few hours. You'll probably have to come in several hours before surgery to recover from the anesthesia. By then you'll be back on your feet and a friend or relative will escort you home to recover in your own bed. However some reconstructive surgery procedures can involve long hospitalization.
What do I do next?
If after going through this brochure you'd like to find out more about plastic surgery, a consultation with a qualified surgeon is the next logical step. It's a quick, easy way to find out what plastic surgery can do for you.
What is the kind of sedation / anaesthesia used?
Many of the procedures can be done on an out patient basis under local anesthesia with sedation. However, major procedures may require general or regional anaesthesia with a one or two day stay in hospital.
What is the cost?
Each treatment is unique and is customized to the patient. The cost of a surgery depends on the time involvement and the nature of the surgery. This makes it very difficult for us to publish any package rates on the website. We would only be able to give you the cost for the procedures during consultation.
Dr. Anup Dhir is available for consultation at Image Medical Centre between 4.00 p.m. & 6.00 p.m., from Monday to Friday. However you are strongly advised to fix an appointment at 91-11-26438044 before visiting
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